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    Lex Sisney

    CEO-Coach Organizational Physics, and Founder Commission Junction, the world's largest affiliate marketing company

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    Kirk Chartier

    CMO Enova Financial and former Business Strategy Practice Leader for the Zyman Group

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    Rinaldo Brutoco

    Founder/CEO World Business Academy, and Board of Directors The MensWearhouse


Marcademy's "Military to Marketing" is a highly selective, full-scholarship program for Military Veterans and current members of the Guard or Reserve that teaches you the skills to become a world class entry level digital marketer, provides career search support to help you land that first job, and then provides peer support during those first critical months on the job.

Marcademy was founded by a former U.S. Army Officer who personally leveraged his military training into a long and distinguished marketing career. We believe people with military service training can make fantastic marketers, especially if they have experience in intelligence or operations. We'll teach you how, and at no cost to you. We can do that since the demand for skilled digital marketers is so great, companies pay us to develop and find them new entry level marketers. At Marcademy you'll learn:

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    The first step in marketing is determining which kinds of customers exist, select which ones are best trying to serve and, finally, implement segmentation by optimizing your approaches for that segment. You'll learn the skills necessary to excel at this.

  • Customer Insight

    Customer Insight

    You'll learn key skills such as how to apply the Lean Startup principles of ongoing customer development, dry testing, get exposed to other research techniques, and apply deep probing & conscious observing interview techniques to identify users true needs/problems and feedback.

  • Strategic Pricing

    Strategic Pricing

    Pricing is the only marketing action that captures customer value, and it's way more complicated than you may think. You'll learn various templates and processes for pricing decisions and gain practical skills for formulating effective pricing tests online.

  • Online Channels

    Online Channels

    There are dozens of online channels of distribution you can use to go to market - all have pros and cons. You'll learn various strategies and trade offs of PPC, Organic, Social, Affiliates, Display, Referrals and more, which can be used by a marketer to drive sales.

  • Storytelling & Branding

    Storytelling & Branding

    People buy stories, not products or services. You'll learn skills to turn the voice of the customer into Use Cases and Personas, visual identities and multiple ways to develop compelling “stories” into branding that resonates with customers online.

  • Viral & Social Marketing

    Viral & Social Marketing

    You'll learn skills to help your business get found by people already learning about and shopping in your industry. In order to do this, you learn how to attracts visitors naturally through the blogosphere, and social media.

  • Search Optimization

    Search Optimization

    You'll learn skills such as apply, measure, manage and optimize on-site and off-site SEO concepts such as usability/experience, link building, authority, community, content and blogging to increase page rankings and click thru rates, and reverse engineering competitors SEO strategies and turn them into your advantage.

  • PPC, PPL & Affiliates

    PPC, PPL & Affiliates

    You'll learn skills to use search engines and bidding strategies, effective display advertising including retargeting, and find and select the best affiliate pay for performance programs that drive qualified traffic.

  • Outbound Marketing

    Outbound Marketing

    You’ll learn how digital marketers can leverage outbound call centers, push media, offline direct mail and more to complement your digital marketing mix.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    You'll learn skills to create, measure and optimize effective email campaigns that get delivered, opened, read and which achieve the desired action, and build and manage opt in lists by creating and deploying sign-up forms.

  • Analytics & Statistics

    Analytics & Statistics

    You'll learn skills to turn data into meaningful analytics, how to model for patterns using pivot tables and regression analysis, create predictive lead scoring, and other ways to analyze your efforts.

  • Website Optimization

    Website Optimization

    You'll learn skills to create simple ways to test website changes and landing pages to determine what produces positive results, create A/B and multivariate testing of websites, and build publish and test website page changes without requiring engineers or IT resources.

  • CRM Integration

    CRM Integration

    You’ll learn how to connect marketing and sales activity – every lead, opportunity, customer and their digital body language, into a central Customer Relationship Management system or Marketing Automation System, and leverage these tools to build, sustain, and grow relationships with customers over time.

  • Marketing Hacking

    Marketing Hacking

    Great marketers are clever at finding unique ways to solve marketing problems by utilizing out of the box ways to creatively hack together solutions. You'll learn a systematic way to assess problems and find creative solutions.

  • Coding For Marketers

    Coding For Marketers

    You'll learn foundational tech skills marketers need to know such as HTML5 and CSS3, and the marketing benefits and trade offs of programming languagues and APIs, so you can communicate effectively with engineers.

  • Marketing Ethics

    Marketing Ethics

    You'll learn skills to protect yourself and your company from rogues, embarrassment, and fines by knowing key laws, regulations, and ethics of Marketing, create and nurture a positive, healthy reputation for your company, and apply ethical approaches to deal with unethical competitors and online extortionists.


Marcademy is a highly selective, 16-week part-time program of intense learning by doing. Each week you receive self study lessons that develop your marketing skills; you'll then attend once a week classes (in-person or online) where together we dive into solving real world marketing challenges; you'll have a monthly mentoring session with Marcademy faculty, and more.


Throughout the program you'll have a community of peer support keeping each other accountable; you'll be able to ask confidential questions to the entire Marcademy community; receive assistance with interviewing and other professional skills; and at the end of the program participate in interviews we host with companies wanting to hire marketers just like you.


Our faculty sets us apart. We've led marketing at multi-billion dollar businesses, built over a dozen start-up businesses that cumulatively secured more than $100 million in funding, lead the USA's number one rated marketing recruitment agency which annually places over 300 marketers, and more. We know marketing and are eager to pass along our knowledge to you.



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Begin the process by filling out our short Request Information form. Don't delay as Marcademy Fellows has limited enrollments per session, and we make acceptance decisions on an ongoing basis, on whom to accept into the program. If you have a question but are not yet ready to apply, feel free to send an email to tim@marcademy.com