• How can you offer scholarships?

    Digital Marketers are in high demand but the skills hiring companies value are not taught in college. The demand therefore is so great that hiring companies (blue chips, mid-cap and start ups) pay us to find them candidates. Our model is simply this. We train you on the skills hiring companies are looking for. At the end of the program you get to participate in a series of job interviews with companies looking to hire people like you. These hiring companies need skilled digital marketers so much that if you accept an offer from a hiring company we present, they pay us a fee. Our objective is to help you get a job offer from these companies. You are though under no obligation to accept any job offer for any company we present to you. And your scholarship is not tied to you receiving and/or accepting any job offers from one of our hiring companies. The risk is totally on us to develop great entry-level digital marketers whom companies want to hire.

  • Are there any other costs for the program?

    There are no fees whatsoever we charge for being a Marcademy Fellow. Fellows do need to provide their own computer with MS Excel at their cost. And there are various third party software tools you will need to secure. However all of the tools we train you on, offer 30 day free trials which will be a sufficient length of time for you to use them and gain experience.

  • Do I have to sign a contract for this program?

    There is no contract or any other paperwork you are required to sign to be a Marcademy Fellow, and at any time you can leave the program with on obligations.

  • When does this take place? What are the dates of the program?

    The Spring 2014 program runs from March 6, 2014 until June 19, 2014. Classes meet once a week on Thursdays (you can attend in-person or online) from 5:30PM until 8:15PM Pacific USA. If you are located in the Bay Area, you are welcome and encouraged to attend in person at our San Francisco office, however this is totally optional. In addition, Fellows receive weekly assignments which they are expected to complete. And each Fellow meets once a month 1-on-1 online or by phone with a Marcademy Faculity Member. This meeting is set up based upon a time mutually acceptable to the Fellow and Marcademy during established mentoring hours which are normally on Mondays – Thursdays 8AM – 9PM Pacific. Fellows who miss more than three weekly classes are automatically dropped from the program.

  • What happens if I decide to drop out from the program before it is completed?

    If you drop out due to our program not meeting your expectations, we’ll use that as a signal that we are not doing our job well. We’ll want to find out what happened and if we can do something to change your mind. But if we can’t we’ll wish you well as you leave as there is no contractual obligation whatsoever that you must stay in the program.

  • Can I currently be employed full or part-time and be accepted into the program?

    Yes. And our goal is the Marcademy program will help you obtain a better job.

  • What happens if I accept full-time employment with a company during the program? Can I stay in the program?


  • What types of people attend Marcademy?

    Fellows are smart and driven, a bit techie (but not necessarily an engineer), competitive and like to win without being maniacal about it, and they like numbers. They likely tried learning marketing via self-study and realize it didn’t work for them and that they want a real-world, intensive, learning program.

  • Can this program assist me in finding a job in a non-digital marketing career? For example what if I am more interested in Operations, Finance or Sales?

    Marcademy is geared towards people who aspire to break into a Digital Marketing Career. However on a limited exceptional basis we may accept a student who is interested in a different career path where understanding digital marketing is of value. For example, if you want to work for an online or tech centric company in another job classification, knowing digital marketing might help differentiate you from others.

  • Does everyone who applies get accepted? How do I know my fellow students will be as committed at me?

    Not everyone who applies is accepted. Our application process is highly competitive. We have a very high bar for admissions and will only accept people with equally high ambitions. In addition, to be considered for a Fellowship you must have a minimum of 60 college credits, with a preference for applicants with Bachelors degrees. The application process is also rolling admissions. So people who apply early have a significant advantage. If you are thinking about applying we suggest you begin your application today.

  • How many students are there exactly per program cohort?

    24 students are admitted to the Spring 2014 program. If you are in the Army you’ll understand where that number comes from. It’s a typical Platoon size. Your class will be broken into 3 squads of 8, and each squad is broken into 2 teams of 4. The teams of 4 will be your main study group. Squads then compete in various exercises throughout the program against the other 2 squads as a way to add fun, light competition to the learnings.

  • Where exactly will this take place?

    Weekly classes can be attended in-person or online. When attending in-person, classes are held at Marcademy’s office at HatchToday, Suite 200 645 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. 1-on-1′s and support is conduct online. If you reside in the Bay Area we’d enjoy getting to know you in person, and have you attend the weekly classes in person however that is not a requirement.

  • How long does the whole application process take?

    The whole application process shouldn’t take more than a month, including interviewing, etc. But it varies based on what steps need to be taken and when you apply. Ready to apply?

  • If I am offered a job by a company through your help, do I have to pay you something for that or what happens if I don’t take the job?

    You are under no obligations to take any job offer that is presented to you. And regardless of you accepting a job offer or not, you do not pay us anything since we get paid by the company who is recruiting for the position.

  • What do entry level digital marketing positions pay?

    That depends upon the city, industry, role and stage of the company. Larger urban markets such as San Francisco and New York will pay more than smaller markets. Start-ups will pay less but offer stock whereas established companies pay more but with no upside potential. Generally speaking an entry level marketer’s salary is between $40,000 – $60,000, and may or many not include stock. With 2 years under your belt and a quantitative list of measurable successes salary’s are typically in the $60,000 – $90,000 range. What’s great about modern marketing is the ability to document your contributions. The more you can show your results tie to the bottom line, the higher your compensation.



Begin the process by filling out our short Request Information form. Don't delay as Marcademy Fellows is limited to 24 students per session, and we make acceptance decisions on an ongoing basis, on whom to accept into the program. If you have a question but are not yet ready to apply, feel free to send an email to tim@marcademy.com